Oct 17, 2023
Awareness Campaign Case Study

While I was in school it’s safe to say that math was never my strongest subject. However, one of the best ways for me to learn was to see or hear an example of the problem in a real-life situation. These lessons helped be understand what was being taught and how it applied to myself.

You can use case studies in the same way. Therefore, Our case studies are broken up into three parts to help clearly. Explain objectives, strategies, and the results of a campaign. As you read the case study below, try and place yourself. In the situation and see if you could benefit from the same campaign.

In the summer of 2015, we successfully launched a twelve-month branding. Therefore, campaign for a regional hospital.  Outlined below are the campaign objectives, strategy actions required on the campaign, and a summary of the campaign’s results.

The goal of the campaign was to increase awareness of the hospital

The campaign also aimed to promote the services the hospital provided. The independent hospital was facing increasing competition from a large regional health system in all areas of provided services.

Strategy actions
To reach this goal, we developed a local, geo-targeted strategy.

We also developed an search engine marketing (sem) campaign with focus on the hospital and specific services they provide. An biz list emphasis was placed on cancer, cardiology, and general surgery.

The combined tactics delivered over 2,934 relevant online engagements. Therefore, resulting in website visits. These individuals were directed to pre-determined landing pages depending on which category of ads they were served.

“our goal for the campaign was to increase the visibility of prairie lakes. Therefore, healthcare system’s specialty services within our region.  Our unique landing page visitors are highly engaged and I am impressed with the time spent.

The first six-months of the campaign yielded an increase to 48% of new visitors site

Traffic and maintained a bounce rate of 54%. The campaign also saw customers stay of the site for an average of 1 min 42 seconds and visit 2.9 pages per session.

Our team also reported success through IS Lists the data analytics for this awareness campaign. The targeted display campaign delivered an above average click through rate (ctr) as high as 2x the national average for these ad units. Additionally, the search campaign had a ctr of 6.31%; google reports national average ctr’s for paid search campaigns are 1% to 2%.

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