Mar 22, 2023
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Contact with candidates – the use of tools that enable automatic responses to advertisements of job seekers and informing about the next stages of recruitment, conducting recruitment tests via the Internet – the use of online tests that automatically check the correctness of the answers. We recommend Employer branding activities in 2022 Automation can shorten the work of one recruiter from 30 to even 14 hours a week. This may reuce the cost of hiring new employees by up to several thousand zlotys. Press mention – an inseparable element of the PR strategy January 9, 2022 PR Press mention – an inseparable element of the PR strategy.

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A press release is the smallest news genre, containing a notification of a single fact. Companies use it to inform their audiences about important events through the meia. How to write a good mention? A press release is a way to get publicity Features of a Bulk SMS Russia good press release A press release is a way to get publicity Press mentions about the company in the meia is a way to reach new audiences. It is also an opportunity to become a part of their awareness and gain a stable position on the market. Well-known brands do not have to worry about their presence in individual meia sources. Journalists are waiting for new products or important information from the life of the company that they could tell or write about.

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The situation is usually different in the case of new or little-known brands. They have to compete for meia attention. One way is to provide them with interesting content that includes press releases . Information about your company does not IS Lists appear in the meia? It’s high time to change that! Enter your e-mail, we will contact you Features of a good press release. Companies usually contact the meia when they have something valuable to say. They want to inform about an important project or event, a new product offer or another interesting event.

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