Mar 21, 2023
Applications And Cooperation With Organizers

Commplace will also support ECOFLOW in identifying and recommending competitions / industry rankings in which the client should participate, including coordination of applications and cooperation with organizers in this regard. Activities will also include influencer marketing – selection and recommendation of influencers, and coordination of influencer cooperation. – Cooperation with the Commplace PR agency is another step in the development of the brand for us. We deeply believe that the extensive experience and knowlege of the agency’s experts will allow us to efficiently achieve our ambitious business goals – says Paweł.

In This Regard Activities Will Also

Tomiczek, the guardian of the ECOFLOW brand. One of the first tasks face by the Commplace PR agency was to create a plan and concept for a special action consisting in donating equipment to those in nee from Ukraine. – ECOFLOW is another large Russia Phone Number List client in our portfolio. That is why we are doubly please that we are starting our cooperation with such an important project, the purpose of which is to help those in nee. It is important for brands to respond to market nees by implementing special campaigns. We have been observing the strong voice of Polish companies in social matters for a long time and we strongly support it – says Bartosz Zieliński, Managing Director at the PR Commplace agency.

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Include Influencer Marketing Selection

Our experts have many years of experience and knowlege in planning and implementing communication with the meia, so we are sure that it will be a fruitful and long-term cooperation – says Bartosz Zieliński, Managing Director at the IS Lists Commplace PR agency.The language of benefits in online sales March 16, 2022 Customer acquisition Successful selling is an art! A good salesperson knows that perfect knowlege of the offere product and a positive attitude towards the customer are not enough.

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