Oct 18, 2023
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Name Email I want to know the 11 steps! should_not_change What is the difference between Marketing and Digital Marketing? In Digital Marketing, with a much smaller initial investment , it is possible to target ads to specific audiences — divid by location, gender, age, interests… — and most importantly: measure the results of campaigns in real time , that is, know how many people saw advertising, click on the ad and purchas. For the first time — unlike advertising on TV, radio and billboards — companies can choose exactly who will see the advertisement and can still find out, precisely, what the return on investment (ROI) was.

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Have you ever stopp to think about how this made customer conversion easier? Orgânica was already thinking about this in 2007, when it was found. Yes! At that time, we realiz that Content Marketing and online positioning would completely change the course of business. What is Digital Marketing? Digital marketing Now that you know a little about the history of Digital Marketing and how it differs from traditional new data marketing, it’s time to delve deeper into the subject. Come with me! What does Digital Marketing mean? There’s no mystery: Digital Marketing is marketing carri out in a digital environment.

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That simple! This allows companies to get closer to their audience , and it is at this point that they ne to know how to communicate appropriately. In addition to facilitating communication between company and consumer in a direct and personaliz way , another fundamental point is also the analysis of performance indicators (KPIs) , which allow identifying when a campaign is on the right track or not, making it possible to IS Lists make adjustments that are necessary. Check out more about what Digital Marketing is below: What is Digital Marketing and what are the main strategies.

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