Mar 22, 2023
An Employer Who Wants To Build A Strong

Similarly, it is worth investing in gadgets, souvenirs or albums that in a way replace the authentic experience. For many people, a candle from a luxury hotel or a bottle of wine with a video-tour of the vineyard will be almost the same as a “live” experience. By the way, it is worth mentioning … virtual holidays. Until now, it might have seeme ridiculous, but with concerts, conferences and online museum visits behind us, online holidays sound less and less abstract.

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At the beginning, you can build your sales of tourist services in rich on-line experiences, such as your own Facebook group for participants or workshops on Skype for volunteers . We recommend Over time, it is possible that an increasing number of Chile Phone Number List customers will prefer a virtual tour of the vineyard or online pottery workshops, instead of a tiresome journey to a selecte place. We have already written about it in the text entitle: Running a hotel – marketing as important as location? How to get out of the disaster face? A very inspiring example is Iceland’s ongoing award-winning advertising campaign. A few years ago, many tourists lost money when flights and tours were cancele by a volcanic eruption.

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It seems impossible to restore the good name of a country associate with danger and scorche earth. The Icelandic government has teame IS Lists up with the city of Reykjavik, Icelandic Airlines and dozens of other organizations. This is also worth considering in difficult times. Sometimes it is worth applying the “all hands on deck” principle to the sale of tourist services, even if it means a temporary alliance with the competition. Is the sale of tourist services a mystery to you? There are no secrets for us – check how we can help you.

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