Mar 25, 2023
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The last problem of Polish entrepreneurs with advertising is the belief that it must be expensive, so without large funds it is not worth starting to advertise. In fact, the most famous online marketing campaigns of the smallest companies in recent years did not cost much and spread to hundres of thousands, and often to millions of recipients. You pay for advertising and the effects are not visible? Bet on effective PR and marketing! Enter your e-mail, we will contact you And what do Polish small and micro-enterprises do well when it comes to advertising.

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They are getting better and better at supporting sales through online advertising. Former forms of advertising such as radio, TV or press are quite expensive from the point of view of a small company. The Internet has abolishe these barriers, because Security and Commodity Brokers Email List you can start advertising on Instagram or Facebook with a few zlotys of budget. Small companies are even privilege here. Users trust a single person or a small team more than a corporation (hence, large companies often divide themselves into smaller ones or stretch reality, creating the impression that they have a small team or work “out of the garage.

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Problems of Polish entrepreneurs in the clash with foreign countries In the face of foreign competition, the problems of Polish entrepreneurs are often a lack of self-confidence. In fact, Polish products and Polish companies are perceive positively IS Lists abroad. Entrepreneurs from Poland are considere creative, hardworking and effective. The Polish company is also associate with tradition and family values. Instead of running away from such an image, it is worth emphasizing it in your strategy. Especially in the era of the popularity of eco-marketing and local patriotism, this can work almost regardless of the industry. See our case-studies: rebranding of a premium brand base on traditional values.

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