Mar 22, 2023
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The image folder is actually a concept use in a narrow circle of specialists. People outside the industry know it rather under such names as: advertising catalogue, company catalog, company brochures, company newsletters, company warehouses, advertising brochure. So why the title of this article? The main reason why most people order such a catalog is the desire to improve the company’s image . Printing or design is a complex process. If you already have such a folder, then you can see that the company has not been on the market since yesterday.

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In addition, it has become commonplace that thick image folders are the domain of prestigious brands (which is directly relate to costs – brands from the basic and economy sectors simply cannot afford such expenses). The most recognizable prints Egypt Phone Number List of this type in Poland include H&M catalogues, Skarb by Rossman magazine and the IKEA catalogue. As you can see on the example of these three companies, an image folder can also add prestige. There are many similar clothing stores, drugstores and interior design stores, but only these stand out with their own cyclical catalogue.

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A particularly interesting case were IKEA catalogs, which the company once sent to thousands of Polish homes. There was a meticulously presente offer of the company, silhouettes of designers, addresses of stores and a historical overview. Many IS Lists people starte getting to know the brand in childhood from such a folder. After that, the first purchases were dreamlike. Some, thanks to the deep trust in the brand built in those days, are faithful to it until the end of their lives. The image of your company is to be or not to be in a competitive market. Start consciously creating it. Today. Enter your e-mail, we will contact you How to prepare an image folder.

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