Mar 23, 2023
According To The Touchpoint Theory The Customer

Therefore, the pull strategy consists in activities that attract the customer to the brand, while push means that you direct the message directly to the recipient or contractor and make sure that it reaches the right place with it. The terms outbound and inbound marketing can also be use interchangeably . Examples, advantages and use of the pull strategy Often the belief that a customer will enter your company name in the search engine and immeiately make a purchase is a utopia.

Decision Making Process Consists

According to the touchpoint theory, the customer’s decision-making process consists of multiple encounters with the brand in different circumstances. It is only when you have built trust for a long time that you can count on the customer Water Transportation Email List actually recalling your company in the moment of trying. For that to happen, you first nee to reach it with: video, podcasts, beautiful photos in social meia, interviews e-books, guides, history, biography. Customers today are extremely sensitive to falsehood. The web is full of veile advertisements and unverifie information. Notice that the message of big brands is getting subtler. Sometimes there is no call to buy at all, and sometimes the pros and cons of various solutions are presente completely objectively.

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Multiple Encounters With The Brand

It happens that a brand cooperates with an influencer or an expert who does not “sugar”, but honestly describes a given solution. This is because the pull strategy today requires a lot of finesse. Virtually all business podcasts are a great IS Lists example of a pull strategy . Denise Duffield -Thomas from Australia offers courses for women, books and trips. Besides, he has a podcast and a Youtube channel about how to make money. It would be virtually impossible to find women willing to go for a few thousand dollars who had never heard of her. Hence the pull strategy applie in practice. Most people start with free content. They buy a book over time.

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