Apr 13, 2023
A total waste of paid advertising money

Landing pages are generally create out of necessity and a landing page is a part of an advertising campaign. These can be discount campaigns , paid internet advertising campaigns for selling your products/services, collecting emails , etc. Your landing page allows your page visitor to make an inquiry, a transaction, take part in a discount offer. Landing pages are ideal for sharing free information/service/product to get customer contact information. What marketing activity is a landing page most effective for? It is most effective to use landing pages to collect information about the customer ./service/information for free, can participate in.

The customer receives your product

A lottery campaign or a discount. out of digital marketing , you create separate and well-measure landing pages for all your company’s advertising and whatsapp mobile number list marketing campaigns (visits, clicks, leads , contacts, etc.). This is especially important when buying paid Facebook or other similar advertising. A Facebook landing page is a topic all its own. What happens if you don’t have a landing page? In the Google.ee search engine and Facebook’s timeline, companies that diligently buy advertising for their page for a lot of money and direct visits to their front page are.

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If you want to get most

Missing out on a daily basis, which is , because the front page is not optimize for the topic of the purchase advertisement. For example, the search term “soojamaa reisid” on Google.ee caught the eye of an advertisement promising to win a free warm IS Lists sea trip to a destination of your choice. make a landing page for your ad An otherwise specific and clickable ad, however, this ad directe the tour operator to the front page and it took 7 clicks and about 3 minutes to find the right page.

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