Mar 23, 2023
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Price, quality, warranty, service, terms and conditions of delivery. The strategy we adopt must refer not only to what we have at our disposal, but above all to what the new foreign market allows us to do. It must include not only the company’s goals, but also a strategy for entering a new target market and a pricing, distribution and promotion strategy tailore to new markets. The analysis preceing the preparation of the strategy should include, among others: studies of demand, supply, prices, factors and conditions of their level and changes over time, as well as the possibility of establishing cooperation with new business partners.

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Its purpose is to obtain information that allows you to make the right decisions in order to optimize the risk. We recommend Is the expansion strategy for everyone? There are many strategies leading to the effective introduction of a product to Communication Email List the foreign market, assuming, for example, market expansion, selective development or deepening of segmentation. Market penetration is also an important factor . Marketing and introducing the product to the foreign market The company’s primary task is to set individual marketing goals for each new market. The best-understood foreign marketing includes a number of activities.

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Their goal is to learn about the future structure of demand for products or services, satisfying them by creating sales, effective communication with the environment, listening to the nees of potential customers and, base on them, producing and IS Lists offering specific goods in the right place and time. The specificity of this type of marketing is determine by the political, cultural, social and technological diversity of the market environment and the nee to adjust the activity and offer to completely new, often unknown conditions. A marketing plan base on an export strategy should take into account various elements.

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