Mar 22, 2023
A Joint Trip For Several Days A Bonfire Training

Group integration games for use at work No one said that integrating employees can only be at events or company trips. Integration at work can bring equally spectacular results. The key is to organize it properly and involve all employees in it. How to integrate employees in the company? A great idea is to introduce the rule of “integration hour” in the week. What is this principle? Together, choose a day of the week on which you will devote one hour exclusively to integration. During this time, conversations about work, duties and other things relate to the functioning of the company are prohibite. Focus on getting to know each other and building friendly relationships.

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Your integration hour must not lack games that will help you strengthen bonds, help to relax the atmosphere and allow you to relax. One of the interesting integration games is “Two truths and a lie”, in which each participant has to tell three Bulk SMS Iran different facts about themselves. Two of them must be true and one a lie. The other players’ task is to guess which statement is false. Telling facts about yourself is an interesting way to present your private side. Fun brings employees closer together, relaxes the atmosphere and perfectly integrates. Entertainment while working.

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Why not! Another game that can be use for integration at work is Common History. How is the gameplay going? One person becomes the conductor – each week it can be someone else. The conductor designates the person who must start telling IS Lists the story on any topic. At any moment, the conductor interrupts and indicates the person who must continue the interrupte story, etc. As a result, the employees create an increibly interesting, improbable, and often extremely funny story. “Common History” stimulates creativity and imagination, and also teaches active listening. In addition, it is a great way to relax and de-stress.

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