Oct 17, 2023
A Guide to Social Media Holiday Marketing

One thing that’s consistent across every brand during this time of year is bright, colorful, and fun images. Make sure that the visual content you post on your social profile if up to par with competitors. This may mean having a photographer take quality pictures, or incorporating bright and playful colors into your holiday posts. There is no other time of year where you will have this much creative freedom with social posts, so use it to your advantage. If you’re creating videos, make sure they’re shot in good lighting and include subtitles for social viewing. No camera, no problem! Check out one of my previous blogs about filming quality video with limited resources.

Engagements are very popular this time of year, but your brand should be focusing on the kinds of engagements that create loyal customers. Because you planned ahead, you should have time to spend interacting with customers on social media.

The season of engagements

You’ll want to make sure someone is available to respond to customers, as 42% of social media users who contact a brand expect a response within an hour. This is another area where you can have some fun with tone and content. Be sure to be genuine and original with your replies to make the customer feel most-valued.

Although you want to sell your phone number lists products and services. This is the time of year to give back to those who are in need of it most. Get your customers involved and ask customers to share your cause. Whether you want to do a food or clothing drive, or maybe donate gifts to a family in need, let your customers in on the activities. This does not mean you should gloat about your businesses charitable donations. Never post about a charity activity with the hopes of gaining sales. The posts should seem sincere or should not be shared at all to your page. If you come across as genuine, you will be more likely to resonate with customers who will actively engage with and share your content.

Check out the westjet video below to see how one company

Documented their charitable donation in a way that is fun to watch and easily shareable.

Even though christmas is approaching, you still have. Time to have some genuine and fun engagements on your social profile over the IS Lists next couple weeks. Start planning as much as you can and have other team members review and add their own ideas. Make sure you keep a good balance between selling and engaging content and think of a way to give back through a charitable donation. The clock is ticking, so get your holiday social planning under way and have a very merry christmas.

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