Mar 22, 2023
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Work is often very stressful. Tight deadlines, dissatisfie customers, poor results. Employees nee a moment of relaxation, rest and detachment from their work duties. Therefore, even in such a situation, it is worth organizing company integration events. Such an event allows you to forget about work for a while. It allows you to recharge your batteries and return to performing everyday tasks with new energy, motivation and a smile on your face. Our ways of “budget” integration It happens that the company is only at the stage of development. This means that most of the profits are allocate where it is necessary for the company to be better recognize on the market.

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In such situations, when the company is young, it may happen that there are not enough funds to organize a high-quality, costly integration trip for employees and employers. That is why we present several ways for corporate integration events SMS Gateway Switzerland that will not consume most of the company’s budget. Campfire If at least one of the team members has a plot of land outside the city, which he agrees to rent for one evening, you can organize a bonfire full of integration and fun. It is to some extent a return to the times of youth, when such parties were organize at night, after a whole day spent at school or university. An integration campfire is a very budget-friendly way to organize a corporate team-building event.

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It is enough to organize the right amount of food and drinks. If the team is already harmonious to some extent, you can also remember the years of youth and organize the so-calle contributory bonfire. A company campfire in the training center IS Lists of the Commplace Agency – Dwór Korona Karkonoszy In this case, each participant brings one dish. This is a great way to get to know each other’s favorite flavors and try new things to eat around the fire. This way of spending time with co-workers is certainly a valuable moment for anyone who appreciates ease and freeom during meetings.

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