Oct 17, 2023
A Future with Awareness Campaigns

Pinterest isn’t at the forefront of social media advertising, because the platform focuses more on the element of sharing quality information on a user-friendly basis. But for certain industries, this platform can be the key element to crack into that specific audience the brand or business would like to reach.

The platform released promoted pins about a year ago. They’re just like regular pins, only you pay to have them seen by more people and drive action on them. They work in a native ad format within the platform and unlike other social media advertising, the promoted pins earn additional impressions and engagements long after the campaign is over.

Like I mentioned earlier, engagement and traffic campaigns weren’t ideal for our smaller campaigns that were targeting a very narrow geographic location. The pool of potential audience was small and there results would receive minimal reach which in turn gave us few engagements and clicks. It wasn’t ideal for us or our clients that were interested in targeting smaller areas.

Since experimenting with the new awareness campaigns

We’re able to get a good quantity of reach each day and because of those results, we’ve received more engagements than our engagement campaigns that were targeting the same areas.

My final thoughts about this new feature is that it isn’t the perfect solution for all campaigns. If brands and business are focusing more telemarketing lists on a national level, than I believe engagement or traffic campaigns would be the better option. But when working with a smaller scale of audience or geo, awareness campaigns can receive more bang for their buck.
We do the best we can to try and explain the technology we use here at keymedia solutions, but sometimes it can get a little confusing. We understand that sometimes the best way to explain something is to provide an example. That’s why in this blog I’m including a case study of a programmatic advertising campaign that we ran for a client.

In the case study you’ll read an explanation of the goals outlined by the client, some of the challenges we had to overcome, and the results of the campaign. At the end of this blog, you’ll also find an option to download another case study for b2b marketing.

Programmatic case study

Keymedia solutions began working with a state level government agency in 2014. The goal of this campaign was to raise general public IS Lists awareness among a certain demographic. One of the primary tactics used to reach this goal was programmatic advertising.

The biggest challenge of this campaign was to make sure a very narrow target audience received our specific message. The message was somewhat touchy in nature, so targeting the right people was crucial to the success of the campaign. We chose programmatic advertising for this reason. With this tactic, we’re able to set extremely specific target audiences based on data obtained through third-party data centers.

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